December 10th (Tues)

We had a quieter Tuesday, with only three students this week, but we still had a lot of fun today! The students were very engaged during Circle Time. As usual, they responded to my “Hello!” with “Rawr!” and “Apple banana!” They understand numbers much better now. In addition to counting all the straws separately for the days of school, K. counted the total straws by himself. Big S. was very excited to count with us today and said, “Four!” with a huge smile.



A new activity was introduced today and it was very popular. All three students were very interested in trying the car track. They had to practice waiting their turn, and they all did a good job being patient. Because the top of the track is removable, they were able to practice being gentle and carefully fitting it back on when it came off. It was a little difficult for some of them to put it on in exactly the correct spot, but after a few tries they were all able to do it. The students are getting better and better at treating toys properly!



For our craft today, we made Christmas wreaths! The students are all very experienced using glue, but it has been a while since we’ve used the hole puncher and scissors for a craft. The wreaths were made from paper plates, which are thicker than regular paper, so it was a little difficult for the students to fit them into the hole puncher. It was a great chance for them to practice fitting things in exactly. They each worked very hard putting the yarn through the hole by themselves, and K. even wanted to tie the knot by himself. He was very focused working with Miss Akiko. Big S. was very interested in the red berries, but in the end she decided that she wanted to make a green wreath. Now that the students are getting older and need less help, they are able to chose for themselves how they want their art to look.


We had wonderful, warm weather today! The students were very excited to run around the park. The three of them followed each other back and forth to different areas. They all found fun treasures at the park today: H. found a big stick, K. found a little stick, and Big S. found a smooth rock. We’re glad we got to enjoy the good weather together outside!


The preschoolers are all working hard and growing up so fast. Let’s have a great day tomorrow too!