March 10th (Tues)

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we are unable to upload any pictures today. We will add pictures as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, we’ve added some photos to the Green School Suzuka Facebook page:

Today’s preschool was much quieter without any elementary school students. It was pouring this morning and several students commented on the rain as they arrived. They were excited showing off their rainboots! The students are getting better and better at combining sounds. They are enjoying thinking of words that use the sounds we are practicing. Since it was raining so hard, we sang “Rain Rain Go Away” during Circle Time. The students did a great job matching the rhythm of the song with their castanets. They seemed to like the song a lot, as I heard some of them singing it later in the day.

As usual, everyone worked very hard during Table Time. They’ve been branching out and trying different activites a lot more recently. Little K. has gotten much better and watching while we are showing her how to do activities. Today, O. had to practice putting things together using a rubberband. It was tricky, but eventually he was able to do it. The students have all grown more determined; they are able to try for much longer when they are struggling. Learning to not give up is a very important skill and we are so happy to see our students improving.

We made baby dinosaurs (and snakes) during Craft Time today. When they saw the long, thin dinosaur neck, several of the students commented that they looked like baby snakes. When I said I made a baby dinosaur, one student said, “Ah, brachiosaurus!” We are glad that each child had their own personal interpretation. Please ask your child whether they made a snake or a brachiosaurus today!

After working very hard on the craft, the students enjoyed playing a lot. They tried many things like blocks, trains, and puzzles. Even though they were having so much fun, the students realized it was almost lunchtime all by themselves. As we were helping Little K. get ready to go home, I heard the other students announce that it was time to clean up for lunchtime. K., O., Little S. and M. all started to clean up without Miss Akiko or me saying anything. They were hungry!

Because of the rain, we were unable to go outside today. Instead, we made flour playdough! Some of the students have made it before, but it was the first time for some of them. They were all very excited to touch it, and kept asking Miss Akiko to make it faster! In the end, they played for almost an hour, making all kinds of shapes. I became hungry, since the students kept talking about making doughnuts!

We are very quickly approaching the end of the school year. After this week, we have just one week left before Spring Break. Let’s make the most of the rest of our time!