January 30th (Wed)

Wednesday may be the shortest day of the week, but we still had plenty of time for a variety of activities! Now that the children are gaining confidence, they are enjoying joking around in English. When I asked about today’s weather, the older S. answered “No,” to every kind of weather with a big grin on her face. I asked again what the weather was and T. very quickly said, “Sunny!”


Recently, the older S. has been enjoying experimenting with painting and mixing colors. I. and the younger S. were fascinated with watching her. The two of them have been getting much better at respecting others’ space and watching without touching. However, this can still be difficult sometimes. Today, the younger S. tried to touch the activity T. was working on and all by himself he reminded her, “No touch!” It is great watching the children learning about setting and respecting boundaries.

I. and the younger S. have been working on their interpersonal skills. Normally they struggle to share a book but today they sat together and read a book about animals with me for a long time. They would take turns pointing to animals for me to make the sounds for. They even tried making some of the sounds themselves! Recently, they have been able to cooperate at activities like blocks.



 H. was not here today so unfortunately the three older children couldn’t all play together today, but T. and S. were able to enjoy Jenga together! They cooperated to build the tower several times and to put the game away.



What a busy day! Everyone tried many things and pushed their boundaries. We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s growth as well!