English Phrase of the Week: It’s my turn! vs. It’s mine!

It happens often; Child A has a toy Child B wants so Child B snatches it from them. For example, Child A is playing with one of the class trains and Child B takes it from them. What should Child A say? In this case, Child A can say, “It’s my turn!” while taking the train back. “It’s my turn!” is used for an item that does not belong to any one child; all the children can take turns using it. For shared items we should not say “It’s mine!”

What should the child say when the toy does belong to them? For example, Child A brings a car from home and Child B takes it. In this case, Child A can say, “It’s mine!” while taking back the car. For items that belong to us we should not say “It’s my turn!”

It is frustrating for children when things are taken from them, so it is very important to teach them what to do. Let’s practice saying “It’s my turn!” and “It’s mine!”


子ども同士のおもちゃの奪い合いは、よくあります。とても大切な社会性の勉強ですね。今回はそういう場面での慣用表現のご紹介です。自宅から持って来ているような自分の持ち物に対しての、”It’s mine!”(僕の。または、私の。)という表現に対して、共用する物を自分が使っているときに言う、”It’s my turn.”(今は、(私)僕が使ってるの。)という表現は、日本語では時々曖昧ですよね。バイリンガル教育をされてるご家庭や、お友達同士での会話の中で、意識して使ってみられませんか?