October 29th (Tues)

What a fun day we had today! Despite the gloomy weather, the students were all in a good mood. They worked hard trying many activities. We’ve been practicing asking, “This one please,” for the activities on the special shelves, and they are getting much better at remembering to ask. Little S. didn’t want to join in, but she watched the older students very intently.


In honor of Halloween, we made ghosts for our craft today. We stuffed plastic gloves with cotton using straws to push the cotton into the fingers. After being shown how to do it, K. did the other four fingers by himself. The students all did a good job following the directions; I told them not to push the straws hard, and they all made sure they pushed very gently. Their concentration and control are improving each week!



All the students are becoming more and more social. They are getting much better at asking each other to play and answering yes or no without help from the teachers. Today, K. asked Big S. if he could play with her. Big S. told him no, so after asking a few more times he decided to watch instead. It was a great interaction where both children expressed themselves and respected each other. Later, Big S. saw Little S. watching her and invited her to play with her. She took care of Little S. a lot today.


Now that the students are more interested in each other, they enjoy saying goodbye to their classmates. In the past, they did not notice when their classmates went home, but now they always acknowledge it. Today, both K. and H. left their activities to sing the Bye Bye Song to I. They sang along and waved their hands with the music. It is wonderful seeing them naturally take more notice of each other.


We had a busy and exciting day of preschool! Let’s wait and see what new skills they learn next!