February 20th (Wed)

Another exciting day of school has gone by! I had two big shocks during Circle Time. Every morning I ask the kids, “How are you?” and after they answer I try to get them to ask me the question as well. Normally one of the older three students will ask me, but today little S. asked me for the first time! Because she is learning from such a young age, she had great pronunciation. Later during Circle Time, T. was able to say what month it is! Normally I will say the names of the months and the children will answer yes or no, but today he said February all on his own! This is a very difficult word to say so he was very brave. We love seeing the kids participate more and more during Circle Time.


Today H. tried pinecone painting for the first time. He was very focused and carefully covered the whole thing in white and brown paint. After he finished painting he was able to wipe the table very nicely. S. wanted to paint pinecones too, and with help was able to ask Miss Akiko, “Can I have one?”




H. and T. played together a lot today, which gave them the important opportunity to have a small fight. While we love it when everyone gets along well, these fights are an important chance to learn about and respect other people’s feeling. They were quickly able to move on and continued to enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the day.



Today we had our letter practice, where we made an ‘A Alligator.’ The children were all able to recognize the letter, the sound it makes, and the animal. They worked very hard and it is great seeing them enjoy learning about the alphabet.


We love seeing the children use their creativity. As always, S. and I. requested that I make them balls out of playdough. However, today S. added a new twist: she used the balls to make playdough snowmen! She worked hard making the eyes on her own and asked me to make a nose for her. We can’t wait to see what the children will try next!




And with that, another busy day has come to a close. Let’s learn a lot tomorrow as well!