English Phrase of the Week: Can I play?

A few weeks ago we introduced the phrase: Play with me! Today we have a similar phrase: Can I play? While “Play with me!” is used to invite another to join, “Can I play?” is used to ask if you can join. For example, Students A and B are playing with blocks. Student C thinks this looks fun and says, “Can I play?” It is important to remember that this phrase can only be used for activities that we play together. Let’s practice joining in an activity using “Can I play?”


今回は、”Can I play?”というフレーズですが、以前ご紹介した”Play with me!”(遊んで!あるいは、遊ぼう!)に似たフレーズです。他の人が遊んでいるところに参加したいときに、日本語で言うところの”入れて。”にあたりますね。ぜひお子さまの英語の練習に使ってみて下さい。