March 3rd (Tues)

We can’t believe it’s already March! The weather is warming up and the kids are energetic. Today we had a special visitor, Little S.’s big brother M. The students enjoyed introducing themselves at Circle Time; everyone could say their own name. We enjoyed counting the days of school together. Today is day number 190! Just 10 more days and we will reach 200! Everyone was very engaged during the story, discussing the animals’ feelings, the colors, etc. All the students said they liked all of the colors on the page; they like rainbows! Today’s song, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, was very popular. The students all danced, and some even tried to sing along. They enjoyed getting faster and faster each time the song repeated.



Today’s Table Time was much longer than usual, as the students were so focused on their activities. Everyone worked for at least an hour, and some students worked all the way until lunchtime! It was M.’s first time doing Table Time, but he learned the rules very quickly. After just a few activities, he realized that before he starts a new activity either Miss Akiko or I need to show him how to use it. He would patiently wait for one of us to be available to help him. We are glad he was able to adjust so quickly. Little S. was very interested in watching her older brother at first, but after a few minutes she became very focused on her own activities. O. and K. were very interested in each other’s activities today. One would take out an activity, and the other would try it after they finished. They had to practice waiting a lot.



Everyone was very hungry at lunchtime today. The students ate a lot and they ate very quickly. Because they all finished eating early, we were able to spend a long time at the park. Today the students decided to explore the back of the park. M. and Little S. found a small pond and enjoyed throwing leaves inside. K. and O. had a lot of fun drinking together at the drinking fountain. They took turns and only bumped heads a few times. When it was time to leave the park, I told M. and Little S., “Let’s go to Miss Akiko.” M. started walking and said, “Let’s go!” It is amazing how quickly young children adapt to a new language environment.



Now that March is here, we have less than three weeks left before the school year ends. Let’s learn as much as we can!