December 3rd (Tues)

We had another fun and exciting day of preschool today! The students are still getting used to the new month; they think it is still November but they are practicing saying December. They enjoyed singing the Months of the Year song, and H. especially enjoyed repeating the names of all the months. Even Little S. joined in with her castanet!


For our craft today, we made Christmas angels. All the students worked very hard coloring their angels. We practiced asking, “Crayons please!” and H. and Big S. were able to pass the crayons to each other by themselves! Big S. has been practicing using the craft glue and was able to put on sequins by herself. It was Little S.’s first time using sequins but she was able to confidently tell me where to put the glue! Their angels turned out very cute! Each one was very unique and the students seemed pleased with the results of their hard work. It feels great creating something with your hands!



Today K. decided to try Jenga. Building the Jenga tower is pretty tricky for young children, so we practiced it a lot. At first he was confused about alternating the direction the blocks are facing. However, he was able to figure it out after a few tries and was able to place the blocks without instructions. Soon the students will be able to play Jenga together!



We had a pleasant lunchtime today. Little S. worked very hard getting chairs for all her classmates! H. loves getting the cushions for the teachers. A few weeks ago, after realizing that K. also wanted to get the cushions, H. shared one of the cushions with him. Now, H. almost always gets both of the cushions and gives one to K. The students have grown a lot closer and it is wonderful to see them caring about each other.




We have a short month of school this December, so lets learn a lot each day at school!