November 26th (Tues)

We had a very busy but exciting day. In addition to our 5 students, we also had a young visiter. Despite all the noise and excitement, the students were able to focus on several activities.

The students can understand building instructions quite well now. Both H. and K. tried building with the blocks today. They can count out the correct number of blocks and find the right shapes. They recognize the phrases, “small block,” “square block,” and “big red block.” It is great watching them try to build many things!


We had a full lunch table today with 8 people! The students were very happy to eat lunch together. I. wanted to show me his lunchbox and called my name to get my attention. We’ve been teaching the students to use names so we know who they are talking to and it is exciting whenever they can say our names on their own. Little S. has become much more comfortable hearning English. In the past she would just shake her head if I talked to her, but today when I helped her get ready for lunch she had no problems following instructions in English! It is amazing how quickly little children can understand foreign languages!


We had a great time at the park today! The students were more excited than usual and followed each other all around the park. They talked to each other about sharing and who would go first on the play structure. Little S. was able to ask me for a rock by saying, “have one?” Soon she’ll be able to say the full phrase, “Can I have one?” She is becoming much less shy! Big S. suprised us by using two new phrases today. When she was on the swings, she told another student not to come closer and then told him, “Danger!” She always listens very carefully when I tell the students that something is dangerous and she is learning how to say it herself. When the students were getting ready to go home, she told her classmate, “You did it!” after he put on his backpack by himself. After she put on her own backpack, she proudly told herself, “You did it!” The students don’t understand pronouns yet but they are communicating more and more!

It was a busy day but the students learned many new things! Let’s all rest well so that we are ready for the next day of school!