English Phrase of the Week: What are you doing?

Small children are endlessly curious about the world and what is happening around them. A popular question is, “What are you doing?” This phrase can be used seriously, when a child genuinely wants to know what the other is doing, or jokingly, when the someone is doing something strange. It’s a great way to learn more about the world so let’s practice saying, “What are you doing?”


単純な質問ですが、”何してるの?”は、幼いうちは、全てが初めて。子どもにとっては当たり前の質問のひとつ。成長してからも、見慣れない行動をしている場合や、冗談としても使えますね。”What are you doing?”、おうち英語でお子さまと一緒に練習してみて下さいね。