November 5th (Thu)

Today, the mood of the students was good. They came in happily and were ready to play and learn. Now that they understand me more, the circle time is getting more and more interactive day by day.






We listened to a song about prepositions (on, in, under), and they found my dance moves amusing.







They challenged themselves and tried to play with different toys.












They found the “paper-weaving” activity hard at

first, but they tried harder and finally they managed to complete it.











The lunch time was quite because everyone was very hungry. We enjoyed our yummy lunch in peace.







The weather got warmer around noon, so the temperature was perfect to play outside.












English Afterschool


They finished their homework quickly, so we had enough time do many things. We read a story about a cute and helpful monster. We had our snacks, then went out to the park. R. wanted to have a race with me (I was sure that I was going to win, but he turned out to be a fast racer)







I asked for R.’s help to show me how to play Minecraft on the computer, and he happily helped me.