Farewell Message from Miss Kimberly

Hello everyone,

It is finally time for me to leave Green School Suzuka. Thank you very much for all the memories we’ve made over the past year. Everyone taught me so much and I will never forget you all. It has been wonderful watching you all grow up and improve your English. I’ve enjoyed so many experiences: hearing students say “No!” in English for the first time, watching students think about how to explain a new game to me, seeing students learn how to make new friends, and many more. I am sad to be leaving, but I am so glad that we were able to share this part of our lives with each other. You have a wonderful new teacher, Miss Iris, and I know you will learn a lot with her. Each and every one of you is so unique; as you grow older, please continue to follow your own dreams. I will try my hardest when I return to America, so please continue to try your hardest here in Japan.


Miss Kimberly