September 24 (Tuesday)

We had a fun and busy day at school today! It was Little S.’s third day of school; she was still upset but she watched Circle Time very carefully. She also decided to put away her backpack on her own today! I. decided to join us for Circle Time today! He was in a very good mood and was telling jokes. For example, when I asked, “How’s the weather?” he smiled and answered, “Sunny!” even though it was very cloudy this morning. All the students are getting better at recognizing each other’s names. They were a little confused about Big S. and Little S. since they both start with the same letter, but they are starting to learn to look at the second letter of the name as well.


We read a new dinosaur book during Circle Time today. This is a very cool book because it has a button that makes a dinosaur roar. The students were too excited at first and all reached for the button, but when I told them to wait, they were all able to wait patiently for their turn. They are so grown up now!


We enjoyed using castanets again today. After eagerly watching the past few times, I. was finally able to try it himself this time. We sang a song about frogs today and the clacking of the castanets really sounded like frogs ribbiting!


The students were excited to try several new activities today. K. tried matching small containers based on the sound they make. After shaking the containers, he had to open them to check if they had the same things inside.




H. really wanted to try cutting fruit today with our new toy fruits. When Miss Akiko took them out, H. ran all the way across the room to tell her that he wanted to try! He is so enthusiastic!





For our craft today, we drew pictures and made picture frames. The students all have very unique art styles. They are able to sit and focus on their art for much longer now. Each week, I’m always so excited to see what they’ll create using their creative, young minds.




Now that it’s much cooler, we can enjoy the park without getting all sweaty! They are interacting much more than before and will often follow each other around or ask each other questions. Today, they started shouting, “Hello!” to me. We would say hello to each other, wave, and then they would go back to playing. It was very heartwarming.




With how quickly the children are growing, each day is a fun, new experience!