English Phrase of the Week: Can I touch it?

As children learn to play with each other, they often get curious about what their friend is creating. For young children, this often means wanting to touch the item. However, most children get angry or upset when other people touch their things without permission. So when children are interested in what someone else has, a great phrase to use is, “Can I touch it?” By using this phrase the child is respecting others and learning to communicate. It is very easy to answer the question, “Can I touch it?” We just have to say one word, “Yes” or “No.” This is good for both children as it helps them feel more in control of the situation. So let’s practice saying, “Can I touch it?” and answering “Yes” or “No.”

子ども同士の遊びの中で、相手の作っている物や持ち物に、”さわってみてもいい?”と聞けるようになると、コミュニケーションもスムーズになりますね。相手も自分が尊重されているのは嬉しいものです。意外に、親子でもこれができるようになると、いいですよ。返事は、”Yes”か”No”かで簡単です。ぜひ、”Can I touch it?”使ってみて下さいね^^