English Phrase of the Week: Don’t do that please.

When someone does something we don’t like, what should we say? We can use the polite phrase, “Don’t do that please.” This phrase can be used by an adult to give instructions, or by a child to tell their friend something. For example, Child A is playing with blocks and Child B touches the tower. Child A can say, “Don’t do that please.” This phrase is polite, so it is not used when someone is doing something dangerous.


今日のフレーズは、”やめてください”(小さな子どもの場合”やめて”)という、少し丁寧な言い方です。これは嫌なことをされた時の表現です。ただし、危険なことをしようとしている場合には使いません。その場合は、”Stop it!”が適しているでしょう。